"The Book of Me, Written by You" - Topic 1 - Ask yourself 20 times “Who are you?”

Recently I started to follow a genealogy site called Geniaus.They, in turn have mentioned a blog they read by Julie Goucher. This is a journey of finding yourself and how your loved ones see you in their eyes. Further, this can be online and carried forward to share, if you wish, to future generations.

This sounds interesting, so I'm willing to give it a shot. I will post up the topic as I find them out and let's see what I build. 

The prompt for week 1 is a recognized psychology test: Ask yourself 20 times “Who are you?” Each time you should give yourself a different answer, and if you can easily go beyond 20 entries then that is fine too. This prompt is about how YOU see YOU.
Interesting...who am I? I guess replying "I am woman hear me roar" wouldn't quite work with this would it? *scratch head and thinking* 
 1. I am a woman - most people can guess that by looking at me.
2. I am a wife - all you have to do is talk to me and I do seem to mention my husband most times.
3. I am funny - sometimes. I guess I can always take a laugh and give one. 
  4. I am a daughter - I guess this is mostly given as well due to I am here and for that to happen I needed a woman and man (or in these newer times - a test tube and scientists).
My mother and I
My father and I

 5. I am a sister - You know that annoying little sister that most people have? Yep, that's me, although some say I'm not that annoying - I know I say that I'm just trying to tell them I won't let them forget I'm here.
6. I am a dog owner - I love my dogs. Currently, we have Buddy (the wonder dog) who has just turned 9 and we've had him since he's been a pup of about 8 weeks. 
 7. I am upfront - probably more upfront than most people and love to tell it like it is. Most of my long term friends have gotten used to me and my family just groans because if I have something to say, I usually say it.
8. I am happy. Usually I try and see the lighter side of life. If you don't you will go mad. Then again most people who know me think that I am slowly or have already gone mad. Guess what? They love me anyway. 
9. I am a book lover and reader. I love to sit down and read. Usually its romances where everything works out in the end and everyone loves everyone else. However, there are sometimes when I read something for the family history which puts me to thinking and it adds to what my past ancestors went through. It could be newspapers from the early 1900's or it could be a history book on the region of the world they come from.
10. I am an aunt. As I am the youngest of 5, I have, at current count on my side of the family - 3 nieces and 4 nephews. I have to admit that I'm closer to my nieces than nephews only because I haven't been around them as much. However, I still do love them very much. 

11. I am a thinker. I am always coming up with new and more intriguing things to go and explore and do. This is a good thing and bad thing. Usually when I think too much, or get curious, I get "in trouble". The last time was probably when I decided to fill something out to see if I could become a Polish citizen on an idea and it came back I could - if I could prove it. Hmmm this needs to be more thought out I think.
12. I am a teacher. Within the last year, I've formally started to teach, with some talking from an old manager and workmate, at community centre's. I have taught other places - at a pool in high school, one on one tutoring in college, informal one on one teaching with talking and sitting with others, and when we were helping people use the computers we put together for them, I sat down and helped them. It still gets to me a bit when I can see the learners put everything together and it makes sense and their eyes light up. 
13. I am a recorder - of my thoughts, of others thoughts and of subjects in general. Most people who are born in New York have some kind of opinion. When I lived there, I gave that opinion through voice. Now, however, I'm living in Australia, and I'm still doing this but through written media of blogging. I blog on IT issues in Jo Ann Fitzgerald's Professional Blog and through this one, which doesn't get much reading, but its there for all to read. 
14. I am working on becoming more fit. From my scare of 18 months ago when I was officially recognized as being a diabetic, I was determined to stop the disease, which I have. However, it never truly leaves you - I must constantly worry about not eating too much sugar now that I have my levels under control, and I must do some kind of physical activity to keep those levels in check. Annoying but true, so I guess I better try and get out for that walk today...
15. I am stubborn. I hate being told no. I can understand, for safety, you must be told and recognize no at certain points, but at others, I either ask why not or keep going forward. A case in point, is with the genealogy stuff I'm working on for my family. My mother has been a stark negative person and won't tell me anything about her family. When she does, its in small pieces and not very much. Because of me being so stubborn, I keep telling her you think like that but its not going to stop me. I'm determined to get to know who my ancestors are and try and put the pieces together of their lives to let their determination and life they've lived live on with the generations to come. 
16. I am a friend. Even thought most of my friends are in the US, I will be there for them even if its over Skype or the phone. They know if they need to talk, I'm always here for them to lean on. I think I do fairly well as I've had friends I've known since the 1st grade. 
 17. I am determined and a fighter. Like I said above in number 15, I hate being told no. That means that if something is beyond my reach, I fight until I get as close as I can to my goal. An example would be when the school I went to didn't want me to take French. I told them that I was going to take it and they wanted to fight me on it. They didn't want me to take it because I have a learning disability. However, I was determined and kept fighting to take the class. The result was me taking beginner's French and I passed with a B and one of the higher marks in the class. 
18. I am a traveler. In order to keep contact with important people in real life, we do travel a bit. I say real life because we physically go instead of just see or talk to each other over the computer. Further, being able to go around the world and just seeing things in life makes you grow as a person. We hope to get to every state in the US and now we're actually talking about going to Europe to see where our ancestors came from. No definite plans as yet, but we're still talking about it. 

19. I am organized. People are shocked when they learn just what I do in a week because in order to do all on the list I've had to stay very organized. If I didn't, total chaos would occur in my life. I have set certain days of the week to teach, others for my classwork, hours set aside to do each of my 2 blogs, go for the walk for exercises, and time to be with my husband and dog. This term I am currently taking 6 modules of courses and I'm teaching 2. That means that I'm somehow participating in 8 classes. Like I stated, I write 2 blogs, which require time to write and sit down to research. Then add in the walk, spending time with those I love in the house, and other chores around here and its a full and complete load which all happens because I'm very organized. 
20. I am a friendly and care for others. Throughout my life, if I could help someone, I would. It started back when I was in girl scouts/girl guides and continues today. I've done countless marathons for different charities growing up and helped out anyone in need as much as I could while growing up. Since then, I've slowed down with doing some of it, but since I started back teaching, I go that extra mile with all my learners because I want them to reach their own full potential. If any one of them ever want to sit and talk about anything, I let them know that my door is always open and they can talk to me about anything bothering them. Sometimes doing the smallest thing can help someone out to change their lives. 

Hmmm...that's probably too long, as others just listed their 20 things and didn't get an explanation of them. Oh well...that's the way I do things. 

Those of you who know me, did I get it right? Did I miss anything? If so, leave a comment and maybe we can add to this list.

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  1. Hi Jo Ann - I think you got it just right!