Australian Federal Election 2013 – And the winner is...

Congratulations to 

Anthony Abbott

on becoming the next Prime Minister of Australia

Although, from early indications I got...

Neither major candidate was worth voting for -
Example: A Friend: Who'd you vote for?
             Her Friend:  Me. Got better chance of not ---king things up

Sausage Sizzle wins it hands down. 
This has got to be one of the most talked about topics on Facebook during the election today. Where wasn't or was a sausage sizzle. At 1pm the topic on had the following caption.

A main headline on's website at 1pm today.
You think I'm lying? Below is a snippet from the Herald Sun's Facebook post!

Have you checked out the Federal Election 2013 Sausage Sizzle website

Who's in Bed with Who confusion
This was another topic and question that people either took notice of or weren't clear on. Why didn't they make it so clear to the voters? Easy, confusion will make people vote for others by mistake or because they weren't clear enough.  Even my husband confessed he sat there reading literature he was given about the parties and was still confused.

I know one of my  highlights of the day was the online horse race that the AAP did

As at 9.20pm 7 September 2013. The voting according to ABC says the voting results are of the following:

This has been taken from the ABC website at

Now let's see how the winner handles their job. 

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