July 4, 2006 Happy 4th of July!

Hi All

Happy 4th of July!
Monday's plans were:

  • Book Blog- I did most of this last night before bed. Must do 2 last books. - Done.
  • This blog - almost done - Done.
  • apply for jobs - Done.
  • shave my legs
  • Read online books - Done.
  • Reply to online groups - Done.
  • Pick up some stuff at the store - Done.
  • Go put some flowers on JR's grave in the back - 2 years ago we lost him *sniff sniff* - Done.

As you can see, I got most everything done yesterday. I actually did the job thing this morning but I did do it. I also exercised yesterday and made chocolate chip cookies. YUM! The other stuff did take me the whole day to do, but I did get everything done thank god. Then I was up until 3am reading because I started reading and got caught up in the book and by the time i noticed the time I only had a few pages to go. It was a great book, but too bad I stayed up so late. LOL.

On the other hand, when I got up this morning, I found that the shuttle might not go up. Only the be told within the hour that it would because the small peice of foam that fell might ground it. Thankfully it will be going up but what's even better news is that it will go up safely. Here are two pictures of the foam where it broke off.

I had NASA TV going this morning and this is what they said:

Appearantly (spelling), a crack was found when they started detanking. They knew about it but it was within limits. Then they found the piece of foam that fell onto the platform. They put a hold in so they could talk about either building a platform (which would have meant a delay in the shuttle going up), but someone came up with a bendy pipe thing that they put a camera and scope on it and got within 6-8 inches of the section that broke off. They had tank specialist, icing specialist and a few other specialist all there and all of them took a look at the area and all said it was ok.

Under the foam, there's a joint which turns when taking and detanking happens. Because of how cold that is, the humidity, etc ice builds up. This ice affected the foam on the outside which gave it a crack. Then when they were detanking the peice fell off. The guy who was at the meeting, brought the foam with him. He did say that one other time on STS 51 (tank 59) (if I remember the numbers correctly), they had something like this happen and tested this early last year and found that the structure, certification and stuff all was fine and would be ok.

So let's hope that it goes up and is successful.

Anyhow, I'm talking to my girlfriend on yahoo and have a few things to do today. The plans are:

  • Shave legs
  • This blog- Done.
  • Jobs - Done.
  • Excercise

I'm not sure what else I might do, but talking to my girlfriend will keep me busy.