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"The Book of Me, Written by You" - Do you have a safe place?

The prompt for the week is:    
Do you have a safe place?
The Brief:
  • This can be somewhere that you gravitate to, to make decisions or reflect
  • Somewhere you go to think
  • Somewhere you go to take time out
  • Somewhere you keep things you must not loose
  • Do you have more than one safe place?

This topic made me stop and think - do I have one? I know growing up I didn't feel very safe and I was constantly going from one place to the next.However, since marrying, I think I do have a few safe places.

Us in front of our house in 2012.
Our Home
The first one would probably be our home. Since I was born, I've never lived in a place more than 4 years in a row. However, since we married and bought our home, we've been here nearly 15 years and I think I'm starting to realize I don't have to worry about having to pack up all my belongings and moving them. I can put "roots" down and not have to worry about needing to pack up everything.

This is a video my husband took of the day we have bush fires close to us and he went to help.
Locked Briefcase
We keep all of our most important papers in this locked briefcase. The reasons behind this are pretty easy to understand - they are in one area and locked and during the summer months, if we need to evacuate the house because of bush fires, all of our important documents are already together. This takes the worry about needing time to put everything together. That being said, I do have all the really important paperwork scanned in and uploaded to an internet drive just in case something happens to the house while were not here. In fact, one year we had bush fires up the road from us and I had to get everything together in case we needed to evacuate and it was very easy to do because I had already thought of this.

Because of this, I always tell my IT classes, when we talk about internet drives, about how I had my paperwork together but was still worried about the actual documents because I hadn't scanned them in. However, now I have scanned them in and I don't have to worry about them because I can get to them anywhere if there is a fire and we loose the actual documents. That really sinks home as bush fires around us have been getting worse over the years.

I'd have to say, these are my top 2 safe places. Do you have one or more?

  Check back for the continuation of "The Book of me, Written by You" series.