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29 January 2013 - A New Beginning

Hi Everyone & Welcome to those of you who haven't read this before. :)

As everyone who knows me, knows, I've been fairly busy with my job for the Vic State Government. However, since the afternoon of 25th January 2013, I no longer have a job. Yep, another redundancy. Great. At first it hurt, then the thought of all those people we were helping and they are not going to get the help like they were any longer. That, in turn, will reflect upon the learners we are helping; however, the state government does not see it that way. They needed to "cut the fat" and so decided to slash our department by 50%.

Anyhow, its time to move on and get back into my IT knowledge. Thankfully, I've had 3 major organizations ask me to help them out - 2 by teaching and 1 by stats. The stats one, is having problems because of requirement problems (ie they say they haven't submitted the documents, but they say they have). The other 2 asked me to teach digital literacy but only one has given me paperwork to fill out.  On 6 Feb 2013, I will start teaching 2 classes - Intro to Word and Computers the Next Step.

As if I was in any danger of being board, I've also signed up to take classes to get my Cert 4 in Web Based Technology. I figure I love doing that type of stuff, so why not get something that I love. That started today. Although I'm a bit confused as usually we get power point presentations and books, but it seems all I've got are links and not really any documentation. Very confused on that one.

Today felt like I was on holidays instead of being basically unemployed.

Once I got going, I went for a 3 km walk with Buddy. He's now computer exhausted and sleeping away. Then I measured up some windows thinking maybe I'll get some new blinds on the bottom of some of the rooms. I also made a list of some stuff that I need for my desk. Off I went to the local shopping centre to find some of the things on the list. I put some pictures in to be printed, but with the salesgirl's attitude, I wasn't going to stick around for a 3 hour break. Then I came home and put most of the things away and ate lunch. By that point, Brett was almost home from work.

I did get to watch most of the news, Home and Away, and Packed to the Rafters. Thankfully all the shows are coming back on. Packed to the Rafters was pretty good. I felt for Rita because we have gone through miscarriages and things. I do have one annoyance though - why don't you finally let Ben get on with his life? Why keep bringing up his dead wife. I can understand having a hard time with the death, but come on - its been years. Give the guy a break and let him move on already!!

I figured as I'll be online more and have less and different responsibilities, I'll start this blog back up again. I'll also have to factor some time in to redoing the websites.

Can I get any comments out there? Or am I sitting here talking to myself? (Its probably the latter but Ohhh what fun I have!! *grin*)