"The Book of Me, Written by You" - Where do you think?

The prompt for the week is:    
Where do you think?
The Brief:
  • How do you record those thoughts?
  • Or don't you?
  • Does thinking happen when you are in the bath, on the settee?
  • Where do you go or what to you do when you need to seriously think of something?
2013 sitting at my desk thinking about the next blog topic

Where do I think... I actually have a bit of a scatter brain. Usually there's so much going on in my life that random thoughts pop into my head all of the time. Some examples are:

I've been walking to bring down my weight and sugar levels, and sometimes when I am out there, I think about various things:
  • review some family history stuff and try and put facts together and try and figure out why my ancestors have done what they did
  • review classes or information sessions I've attended notes and think about how I can use them or figure out problems to do with activities associated with them
  • think of how I can get most of what I have to get done for the rest of the day and how I can get most of it done (example would be how to start dinner, bake dessert and do things around the house and I figure if I start dinner, then make the dessert then they can cook/bake while I do the other things around the house, so I'm able to get them all or most done)
  • think about things done in the past and how we can learn from them
  • think about how the classes I teach are going and how to better do things
  • think of how we design the extension onto the house and how we can decorate it so it takes advantage of all the room we can
I've also been known to think about these things when I'm out getting stuff done for the house, banking, taking a bath, reading, watching a TV program, meeting up with friends, and the list goes on and on.

As you can see these are very random and all over. It gets scary if I'm either by myself or others and I figure something out and start to mutter to myself and quickly write it down on my to do list to amend, add, or how to fix a problem.

In fact, when I was studying for my Associates in Applied Science degree, I used to sleep and in my sleep I was writing computer code that was for homework. Many times, I got up, wrote the code, and with little changing it worked!

I have tried to record thoughts in a book but getting them from the head into the computer or on paper sometimes frustrates me as I have a problem doing that. I know in school teachers did have us have a diary and we were to write in it nightly, weekly or some other time. I wrote in it but it didn't have much of a forethought about what to write. In fact, when I first started to blog, I did this same exact thing - I did dishes, laundry, cleaned, watched this program but gave no details!

That being said, now I understand how people want others to blog and have started to pick a topic and write on that one topic alone. I have 2 blogs because one is what I call an everyday blog, which is this blog, and I write about anything happening around me and about family history. That being said, I'm thinking about starting up a blog which would hold all of my ancestors information. This is still something I'm thinking about and not actually happening.

My other blog, is my IT blog and I talk about anything and everything happening with anything to do with computers and social media. In fact, I haven't really had a good topic for the blog in awhile, so I have written an article but I have to go searching for another topic.

  Check back for the continuation of "The Book of me, Written by You" series.    

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